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This has come up many times before but still annoys me a lot:

I have a model without rendermeshes.

The moment I turn a view in shaded mode, I have to wait for the meshes to get created, completely freezing Rhino that is frantically working in a single thread!

An ever greater annoyance kicks in when the meshing is apparently finished and I start rotating my view:

After each turn I have to wait for the newly visibly geometry to be meshed.

Apparently Rhino is being ‘lazy’ and only meshes ‘on demand’. Can we at least force meshing somewhere even for invisible objects that are very very very likely to get into view as they are in the same model just slightly out of view…

Please consider making this more modern, where Rhino proactively meshes a model in the background, releasing the meshes on demand instead of creating them on demand.

  • Open any model, Rhino starts generating mehses if they are absent.
  • Newly created geometry will get a mesh calculated regardless of the current displaymode

Of course this is all happening intelligently in the background, in low priority yet MULTITHREADED processes



Willem, this is a problem for me as well. I have several older 3D models with a lot of meshes created in version 5 that will not open for me in version 6 because they never finish rendering the meshes.

I’m thinking there may be more going on than just the updating of the render mesh, on my part.

At the risk of hijacking your thread, I’ll post this elsewhere.

Not that I don’t empathize, but I guess the question is, how much performance are you willing to lose for these features? There’s overhead in that, probably a lot, to make sure that different processes accessing the Rhino database at the same time don’t trip over each other and corrupt the model(the fact that meshing doesn’t seem like a change to the model is irrelevant.)

Hi Jim,

You are correct that meshing is very costly, and giving it priority over other crucial processes (or not) is not something to be taken lightly.
However, for my current workflow where I open files for relative short inspections, it’s really cumbersome having to wait for meshing at each view change. This is costing me quite a lot of performance on the user side so to say.
So I’m willing to lose some time waiting for a full meshing, if that means I’ll get a fluent inspection process afterwards.

I’d suggest this type of meshing feature to be a non default setting.

Do note however that meshing is still performed on a single thread ( correct me if I’m wrong ) making it very inefficient and time consuming. If that would be addressed I guess it might already be less cumbersome for we’d be waiting a fraction of the time.