Create and use new hatch patterns

What’s the best way to create a new hatch pattern, save it as a .pat file, and use it in Rhino or AutoCAD?
I’m not talking about downloading and importing existing patterns, but making your own.

I’m aware that a .pat file is a simple text file with point coordinates, but ‘writing’ one is clumsy, especially when the pattern is complex, or has curves (many line segments) in it.

Googled and found “HatchKit”, but they charge $70. Bit steep…

Also found a (old) lisp script for AutoCAD, “HatchMaker”, but the pattern I created and imported into Rhino was messed up, however.

Patterns do not sound like a big deal, but I find the matter to be surprisingly fiddly.

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I would also like to know that.
I made a wish long time ago to have the ability to draw whatever pattern you want, then just save the file as .pat and the hatch pattern done. This is how Microstation works with its hatching.
would be great to have it in near future.

thank you



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Cool, thank!!

Any Python-coders around?
Should be a fairly simple exercise… just get the lines between 0,0/1,0 and write them to a file.
No bells an whistles needed for now, like displaying pattern repetitions somehow.

I used to write JScript plugins for XSI, but I’m completely unfamiliar with the Rhino SDK. How do you traverse the scene data etc. For some “insider”, it’s a matter of a few hours I’d say.

Wait… maybe this could be done in Grasshopper, too? Pick the lines, write a file…


And how does that compare to eachother?
Does a few hours not add up to more than $70?

Just saying


It sounds a bit like only a slight detour for the fabricator font creator plug-in by @DavidRutten.

In the past I’ve just drawn a pattern up in Rhino and then evaluated point positions and written the text file from that. Importing, checking, changing, … in the end it worked out OK.

True, but just for one person.
Why do I not like the idea that everyone with the same (simple) problem has to pay that sum again…? Let’s merge assets… I did so myself (not using XSI anymore now):

Writing a script and sharing it for free is it’s own reward.

Even for hatches like this?

Such tasks should be automatet. That’s what we have computers for…

Here you go :wink: (3.3 KB)

In the 01 version, I made line segments myself. In the 02 version, the DecimationTolerance in the MakeHatch plug-in was set to 0.5.

Thanks, @SamPage!


Thanks for the insulation hatches but I agree with Eugen, there must be a way to automate insulation hatches for things that are NOT rectangular?

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Hello together,

same wish, is there somthing new?

Hi - nothing new, no. RH-31342 is still open and on the Future list.

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Hi @wim, is there some news regarding lineup of insulation?



HatchKit can use non-rectanguar arrangements.

Draw a motif and arrange visually to repeat reqularly along two different directions to form a fill pattern.

I would like to add my vote for this feature. There is nothing on the market that works for Macs.

  • Me too

Me too

Me too this would be great


Would be very helpful. Has anybody found a workaround in the meantime? I would like to use such pattern as in illustrator in Rhino for architectural drawings.

I also gave HatchKit a try. It doesn’t seem to work properly, awaiting the reply from the developers.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to implement such a basic drawing function, no?

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There’s a very helpful little tool which seems to do the job. It worked for me. You have to join his telegram channel and then download the HatchMaker plugin:

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