Create hatch pattern from a curve



I see that hatch function through rhinocommon is:
Hatch[] h = Hatch.Create(C, 123, Rhino.RhinoMath.ToRadians®, S);

123 - hatch pattern index.

How should I start if I would like to create hatch pattern myself when user input some curves?

I know that there is possibility to import hatch patterns from cad for instance, but I want to create hatch pattern myself.

(Dale Fugier) #2


Dear Dale,

Thank you for a reply.

I see that in rhinocommon there is function:


Is it possible to create hatch pattern through rhinocommon or only option is to create .pat files?
Second question is it possible to include polylines in hatches, when I explode them I always get lines and joining them take quite some time.

(Dale Fugier) #4

There isn’t any interface in RhinoCommon to create hatch patterns on the fly, which leaves you with having to read .pat files.

I don’t believe so…