Hatch for Rhino please!?

Hello everyone.

I wonder if some of you know about HATCH like Autocad for Rhino?

I need some Batting Hatch for insulation representation… I have read somewhere that it is possible to import HATCH.PAT into Rhino Options… but the fact is when i do it, the hatch scale wont fit properly inside walls for example.

U give me some info/help please?

Best regards
António André


have you seen this ?

you might control the hatch pattern scale in the _Hatch dialog when you assign it. Does that help ?


Thanks for your reply.

No it didn`t… Imagine i have a 0.14m wall thickness and i need to have an insulation batting hatch inside that.

I import some CAD Hatch.PAT into Rhino then i change the hatch scale (in the dialog) but Hatch wont change properly to fit inside that wall. It doesn`t get any smaller than 0.05scale.


how does that pattern look like ? can you post it with an example wall piece ?



i can reproduce this now with some hatch patterns i got from AutoCad. The only way to scale them smaller was to change the hatch scaling globally under:

Document Properties / Annotation / Hatch / Hatch scaling

If you click the Hatch scaling button, then turn on “Enable hatch scaling” and reduce the value from 1 to eg. 0.1. Downside is, you´ll have to scale up all other hatches if you have one to keep them unchanged.

@pascal, I´ve also notes some strange behavior once above is done, Rhino seems to slow down drastically when i try to change an existing pattern to another one.


First i went at this link:

Then i choose for example the batting hatch from: (the first one)

Then i import to Rhino, from Option Menu - Document Properties - Annotation - Hatch - Import

Then i need to make batting hatch in this walls and floors; Like thishatch testing.3dm (318.9 KB)

Hatch wont work. It only do something if i set to default scale 1.0 (in that scale, hatch wont fit properly)

Below is what i get if i set the hatch scaling globally to 0.1 in document properties and in the hatch properties to a value of 0.014. Note that i have set the hatch base point to the lower left corner.


Lets try your help.

Hum!!! I see… I need to change the global hatch from Options Menu and then tweak the hatch scale? (now i understand)

But this hatch wont work like cad, on the same line. Rhino full fill the boundary area with a pattern and not like cad with only a line, in this case which is a batting line!?

Another question.
And i found that, if i try to export Rhino to Illustrator… That Batting Hatch wont be recognized bi illustrator. Either files export from Rhino, or Illustrator import Autocad hatches.

Do you have some knowledge on this matter?
Thanks for all your help

The Helix curve is recognized inside Illustrator.
Hatches are read by Illustrator as solid hatch.
Is there any way to do this without create a stroke inside illustrator?

Thats why we call it Illfrustator :wink:

Best thing is to make a macro for the export which selects all hatches, explodes, then do the ai export and undo the explode.

Yes, Rhino just tiles it, but once you´ve made a hatch for all vertical and horizontal walls with base point you can use match. Curvy walls do not work at all i guess. I usually try to solve that by making a wide rectangle with wall thickness, hatch it using the proper scale, then explode the hatch and join to get it as flowable curve. To flow i then use the wall center line.


You could explode the hatch in Rhino before exporting. This will convert them to regular curves.

On the note of the hatch - check this thread and the excellent plugin by @SamPage:

The insulation hatch that I made with this tool and that I posted here I didn’t have to change the global hatch scaling for it to fit in your file.

Not sure if I am understanding you correctly but perhaps setting the Ypadding to a very big number when creating a pattern will achieve what you are looking for?

ILLFRUSTROTOR (eé´´eéeéé´:-) ) funny funny.

I have to learn that circular hatch. How do you do that?
I miss some tutorial parts and i can`t get the same result when i explode the batting hatch… :frowning:

I miss an explanation when i star this post:

There are PATTERN Hatch and LINETYPES - like Autocad.

After all, that batting insulation i want to mean is a BATTING LINETYPE and not a PATTERN HATCH. i miss that.

So, i wonder if there is linetypes for rhino or any tutorial to learn how to create Technical detail like CAD inside Rhino, without make use of other CAD similar software for that propose.

My problem is… i am on a mission for myself on if i can work an architectural house detailing just inside Rhino. For that i have to use both techniques as 3D and 2D drawings.

3D Drawings is more easy to me, inside Rhino. But then when i need to present Sections and Plans and i need to use some hatch and linetypes Rhino gets complicated to understand. OK! it easy to use dimensions and line thickness and solid hatches, but when i need to use some material hatches it get a little bit complicated. So, i came here, to rhino forum, ask for some expertise on that matter.

I Found A way to Import AUTOCAD LINETYPES for ILLUSTRATOR and not loose those configuration.

Just type WMFOUT in AUTOCAD = export linetype to metafile file.
Then open inside your Autocad file - rescale to fit intended dimensions and then OPEN inside Illustrator.

It work inside Rhino to. (as we know, Rhino wont read Autocad files which contain linetypes like batting or else.