Creating custom hatching

Is there any way to create our own custom hatching patterns? I’ve looked at the forum, but there doesn’t seem to be any instructions on this.

Yes. Rhino can import supported hatch patterns from another 3DM file or from and AutoCAD *.PAT file.
There are lots of Internet pages about AutoCAD hatch pattern files.

Hatch patterns are stored in Rhino 3DM files but can be imported from PAT files.

Thank you, John.


I’m looking for a grid hatch pattern that is spaced at 24" inch intervals. The standard default grid pattern works for this if I scale it to 96, but I would prefer not to have to scale. Does anyone know where I might find such a grid pattern, or does someone know the correct commands to make a custom patch?


Hi Christopher -

You could probably take a look at @SamPage’s Hatch Maker:


Thanks! This is Exactly what I needed!