Copy and paste slow



I am experiencing a lot of delay in the copy object ( CTRL C ) and paste ( CTRL V) operations, even with very simple objects ( one straight line, anything) in Rhino 6.0.

Anyone else having this trouble?



Do you have any non-standard plug-ins installed?

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Luis - if you are using 6.0, please Check for updates (Help menu) and get the latest SR installed - does that behave any better?




No, just Flamingo xnT 5.

I have a slow system, but the same operations in Rhino 5 were faster.

Thanks for getting back!


Latest version, installed yesterday. Thanks!

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Luis - if you just open a new empty file, make a box or something and Copy/Paste, is that slow?



I will try that and let you know.


In a very simple file becomes fast. So I guess my machine is struggling with the file sizes I am dealing with ( 130Mb more or less).


(Pascal Golay) #9

Hi Luis - I’m not sure that is the case - if you are copying small amounts of geometry, it should be fast in a large file as well as a small one I’d think, unless there is something else - another test would be to start Rhino in Safe Mode and open the large file - don’t let any third party plug-ins load, including nXt in this case. Open your large file and see if the behavior is different for Copy/paste.



Thanks. I also thought that it should not be the case, because I worked with much larger files before, and usually I did not feel the problem. Now it is that slow that I already take my hands of the computer to wait. That used to happen sometimes with Rhino 5, but much less frequently. When I have done the tests I will get back.


Hi Pascal,

I tried running in safe mode and not loading any plug ins. Maybe a trifle faster, but not normal, with the same 120Mb file.

I think there could be a little bug here.

Thanks again for your help,


I went back to my work running the usual way ( not safe mode ) and definitively, it runs much slower for copy. The top bar even goes to (Not Responding).

It makes the command really troublesome to use, and I use it a lot.

So it may have to do with the plug ins, even though it does not work well even in safe mode, but it runs better.