Convert to SubD, problem with creases

When I convert a creased mesh to a SubD, a strange conversion of the creases occurs.
The mesh in the middle is the extracted control mesh of the green SubD on the left. The red subD om the right is the converted mesh, and has strange, pointed corners.
In earlier WIP versions these strange corners were not generated, and when the extracted controlmesh of a subD was converted back into a subD, the original creases were generated, without these strange corners. Is this a bug, and can it be repaired?

ToSubDCreased.3dm (300.8 KB)

Thanks, I filed this as

Works, wip (7.0.20210.19545, 28.07.2020)

Your Sub-D is missing a creased edge!

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The bug happens only when mesh creases are enabled in ToSubD. You can remove the creases and then add it back along that edge loop to get what was expected so I’m pretty sure this is a bug.

Thanks, I hope this can be repaired soon. I noticed there is that work around to add the crease later, but in my workflow this bug is a handicap.
But I realise this is a WIP.

RH-59700 is fixed in the latest WIP

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