Graphic Glitch when Stiching SubDs with Creases


Sometimes when I stitch 2 distinct subd geometries with creases into one I get this.

There is nothing wrong with the geometry.

Once I remove crease and it looks like this.

And then I can apply the crease again and its gone.

Hi @ShynnSup ,

Can you share the SubD please where this happened?

Sure @BrianJ Test.3dm (127.6 KB)

Check the undersides too (view from below)

It happens when you try to stitch the separate subDs by stitching each pair of coinciding vertex with average.

If you stitch with edges it does not seem to happen.

Hi @ShynnSup ,

Thanks, I am not seeing this issue here using the 8.8 service release. Below is what I am doing to try and reproduce it. Are you doing something different?

First thing, you should already see the glitch on the geometry to the right.

And to reproduce, make sure to keep stitching each point till the glitch appears. It usually does not happen with the first one.

Thanks for the further explanation. Filed as for future reference.

In the meantime, the Join command works faster here and preserves the crease as well.

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