Creases in subD

Hi, I recently started trying out subD in Rhino WIP. This is a wonderful feature!
However the information found in internet is only a little and I have two questions.

  1. The MeshToSubD component has creases option but I couldn’t find a way to selectively change creases to sharp. How can I define creases?

2.I cannot retrieve subD objects by a Python/C# component. It becomes a None-Type when plugged in to a Python node. Is there a way to access to subD object from within scripting nodes?

Thank you.

I believe any unwelded mesh edges are treated as creases when this option is enabled.

Thanks David. I have one example that seems like unweld edges are working as creases. But I have another example that unweld edges doesn’t seem working as creases.
subD (12.6 KB)

I attached the GH definition that unweld edges doesn’t seem working as creases. If you open this file, there are Weld and Unweld components both of which connected to MeshToSubD component. Could you take a look?

Thank you.