SubD surface from OBJ with mesh corners

I am reading in a SubD control net from an OBJ mesh file. Unwelded edges in that mesh are successfully imported as SubD creases. I also need a few SubD mesh corners imported from the OBJ file. Is this possible, and if so, what is the trick?

Hi @greg.burgreen when using the ToSubD command on the mesh enable the mesh corners option.

Hi @BrianJ, I should have mentioned that the mesh corners option was enabled too. Still no mesh corners. Does the OBJ need to have isolated (unwelded) vertex values to identify corner nodes?

Can you post a mesh that shows the mesh corners in the imported obj not converting to creased verts in the SubD? This should work as far as I know so there may be some specific geometry issue stopping it.

Thanks, I made a mesh with this condition and filed It’s due to the three edges at the corner.