Completely remove RH6 & WIP to reinstall RH 6 & 7

So here’s my situation, I use Rhino on my laptop and desktop. I customized it and ran into this problem which was never solved. Wacky update behavior. (6.24.20070.23271, 3/10/2020) .

I think it was related to the customizations/RUI as it is in both RH6 and WIP7 on my laptop. However, it does not happen in RH6 and WIP7 on my desktop, which many or the same customizations. I just purchased a RH7 license, and installed on the laptop. The problem transferred to the new version. I’d like to wipe the laptop of all Rhino and reinstall both 6 & 7. How do I remove it and be sure there are no remnants to screw up the new install? I’d then like to import the customizations/Rui from the desktop and see how it fairs.

Hello - this should help -


So I finally got around to this. I uninstalled both R6 and R7, followed the instructions removing the folders and keys through regedit. I installed R7, and the problem was still present. Even with everything removed, it still loaded what looked like my custom UI. I realized I had the .RUIs saved on Google Drive and thought it might be accessing it from there. I moved those .rui files to another folder, then uninstalled R7 again. I reinstalled. This time Rhino had no toolbars on startup. I assume I could not find the .rui files I moved. I would have assumed that it would create a new default .rui on installation? At any rate, I set toolsbars to defaults in the options, but problem of the template window not displaying the text names of the template files persists.

Anyone? I’m still fighting this. Also, I have updated video drivers several time since the original question post in 2020.