Saving Custom UI Layout.. Keeps re-arranging. Rhino 7


Rhino 7 - I customized my UI a bit and every time i load up Rhino it keeps slightly re organizing the panels…? Any help on making that not happen?

Hello - do you have one, or more than one RUI file open? It looks like one to me but just making sure (Options > Toolbar page)
And, are you using a single monitor or multiple displays? Here, arranging things as in your image sticks between sessions so far.

@whitie925 , can you provide the exact Windows build information from Windows’ System Information?



Hi Pascal,

Many thanks for the helpful info. I wasn’t aware that you could have more that one rui open…? What would be the point of that?

I did notice that when rhino opens… if i select a template then things open fine with panels in the correct position… if i let rhino open the default template on its own, it re arranges the panels… Is this odd?

Yes. Thanks for that detail.
@whitie925 - are you selecting a template from the splash, when it works right? And, if you open Rhino without selecting a template, is it opening with a default template that you’ve previously set,

or truly no template at all?