Clipping Plane Fills! Please

They’re still unreliable, and I don’t understand how this can remain the situation for so long.
In the example below, the Section Attributes, View Mode Panel, and Options>ViewMode are set in EIGHT different places to display as black. Is there an error somewhere here? Does it ever work? This example is just a simple box, and I can’t get it to work after a year and a half on Rhino.

Almost no design can be communicated without a plan or cross section. Basic convention has always been that if a plan or cross section goes through an object, the interior of the object is hatched, usually in a solid tone in a design drawing, just as often with diagonal lines in a construction drawing.

It is NOT common practice for a sectioned object NOT to have a hatch. When hatches are left off it almost always leads to confusion.

And yet in Rhino this has never been reliable. Every few months I assume that it will surely work, but it never does. Each time I assume that it’s because of the particular configuration I’m attempting (at the moment with objects imported from Sketchup) but it always boils down to the fact that it frequently simply doesn’t work on any object. It takes a long time to verify this each time, with all the different settings and display possibilities contributing. In a working context, being unable to provide this very basic technique comes is unprofessional.

This despite repeated posts on the subject (this is only the recent ones):

I can’t emphasize how basic an issue this is. A professional tool requires it.
The only reliable work-around is section tools, but that complicates layer structure and requires clipping planes as well to get clipped views. It’s very inefficient.

Even within the same print, some objects display backfaces (hatches don’t work, so I’m trying to use black backfaces) and some don’t. The system for solving this remains unreliable. The curtain wall modules are identical. One prints correctly, one doesn’t. They display even more unreliably.

Can I ask why this seems to be a low development priority? PLEASE provide a solution that works!!


SectionTools does everything you tech need it to. You really need to understand how it works. I would possibly try to ping the person who created it: Rajaa Issa

Yes, but it seems to require use in conjunction with clippping planes, and it adds extra layers. But perhaps it’s the only way.

They can’t make regular fills work and you’re asking them to hatch those?.. :joy:

What? I don’t understand.

You dont need to create clip planes with SecTools



THanks Alan

Do you find that you can get reliable line weights using Section Tools within a 3d view mode? Or do you have to use Make2d. I am ever hopeful that a 3d view will work, and the VisualArq team’s development is predicated on it, but I have never been able to make that work.

The challenge with Make2D is the line management within a chaos of myriad new layers for ever layer’s lines, plus new SectionTools lines.

Those = fills. They themselves don’t work.

Unfortunately is the section tool too complicated. For every day use it would be great to be able to attribute a hatching by layer and by object. For me is this missing feature really important and should be added as soon as possible. Could somebody from McNeel tell us if this, to me, essential feature will be built in quite soon?

clipping plane should be the next section tool

  1. add fills with contour lines
  2. add snapping:
  3. add range

*and fix it to work correctly with blocks

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Funny, I complained about the inability of Rhino to produce decent sections that follow the well-known conventions over 15 years ago.
If you want some advice : give up on McNeel and export your model to one of the myriads of CADs that have been doind this very well for ages.
You will grow less bitter and get the job done.

Unfortunately those programs lack a whole bunch of other functionalities that we use. Or aren’t efficient at them. Ie pointclouds, unfolding develop-able surfaces, python. It’s a compromise now. If you just need to do drawings, it’s obvious Rhino isn’t the first choice.

:smiley: that’s not true. They all have flaws and prioritize developments not to the taste of some customers.

Ah… here come Ivelin, re-interpreting what I said in his own silly twisted way.

Oh please ! I never said “Quit Rhino and use something else”.
What is it with you people ?

I’m just saying that there are areas where Rhino will likely NEVER improve and there is really no use in pestering them anymore about these.
I can ASSURE you that I huffed and puffed for a very long time, and that was just a pure waste of time.

In our workflow, all the modeling is done in Rhino, with lots of it being generated through GH, and shop drawings are made in Inventor.

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Hi Bogdan and all,

I logged this feature request based on a different thread.
RH-53061 Add Hatch option for Clipping Plane Fills
Is this what you are asking for with the request for “contour line”? Or would it work equally as well?

At some point it may be opened for public view on YouTrack, but currently is still being reviewed by the developers, so I do not have a workable link for you.

Let me know.
Mary Ann Fugier

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Yes, yes, @osuire this is an old one indeed.
But if they implement those 3 things then we could do plans and sections without even using make2d. which will cut down working times a lot.

The contours and fills could be printed vector. and the stuff which is in the view range could be raster.

Sections in real time ready for print… they should advertise this for R7, because once those things are there, I won’t really see the point of using Revit anymore. alt least for buildings under 30.000sqm. Smaller firms could rely only on Rhino for the whole workflow.

@mary , do you know if we can expect those improvements in R7?

Importing and exporting things throughout different software it only slows down the process.

The contour lines are the hatch boundaries.

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No, that is not how we want it. You can’t use a single hatch type per display mode. It makes no sense.

If you’re clipping aluminum, steel and concrete in one view - it can’t be one hatch type in even semi professional drawings.

The way I see it getting handled is having a Fill Hatch column in Layers panel. Where each layer could use different hatch to show in place of Fills regardless of display mode.


Have any of you actually use the search option on the forum?

That should get you going.
Thank @nathanletwory for that.

@Asterisk , yes
this is how it should work indeed.