Wish: Assign hatch patterns to Clipping Plane Fills

If an object is cut by a clipping plane the fill of the clipping plane could be a hatch defined by layer / object etc.

Would improve the workflow a lot especially when there’s vector printing involved.

Until such day you could create materials that look like your hatches, assign them to your clipping planes and make a display mode that has the fills use the material of the corresponding clipping plane.

Nice workaround, but it’s not vector.

True, originally you said raster (:

:slight_smile: I got confused

I’ve tried this many times in RH6. Is it possible or does it not work? Would really help me today on job.

Materials should work, at least for modes like Rendered. You’ll have to tweak the display mode settings for clipping plane fills, though.

I can not get it to work. I have a copy of Pen mode - ive tried Fill as Solid Color, as Clip planes material, as clip planes render.

I have not tried “Render” mode as this is not helpful in my deawings. I aant to use clip planes, save as Named iews and then use those views on Layout sheet for elevation views.

Appreciate your help on this. I will upload a file in a couple mins when Im back at my desk, and I’ll keep an eye outfir your reply.


I don’t know if this works in technical modes. @pascal?

Hi Alan, Nathan - as far as I can see in technical based modes you do not get to set how clipping plane fills show. It does work on say, Shaded:


I can’t get it to work. Please see attached file - I have a “Copy of Shaded” display, if it shows up for you.

Also, my Layout sheet is inssssaaaaneeellllyyyy slow (unworkable) when I have 4 viewports showing different clipped perspective views of my two-room set (basic walls, mouldings, etc) set to shaded mode, or pen mode. Separate issue, but again, I can’t even use this method if I can’t work on my layout page.

Thanks so much

Clipping_Wont Work.3dm (4.7 MB)

Hi Alan - that works here

Kind of an odd repeat, but it does show.


Ok, so (not to my surprise) I have a problem. Is there someone I can actually get on the phone with about my Rhino 6? I seem to have a lot of probs that are either coming from my software, or my hardware.

I’m going to bring my other computer in here and see if I have the same problems.

Rhino support is at (206) 545-6877. Their contact list can be found here https://www.mcneel.com/contact

Thanks - good to have.

And the culprit is Vray. I uninstalled plugin, and it works in Shaded view now.

Any idea who i can bounce this to, so it can be dealt with?