Can this be drawn with Rhino?

I wonder if this pickup truck can be drawn with Rhino?

Asking for a friend :wink:


// Rolf


This thread may help your friend

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Hm, that method looks a bit über complex…

// Rolf

Rhino should only be used to create (aesthetically) pleasing things.


make a shpere and then use Wirecut a couple of time haha.


@RIL Somebody built it?

Yes, Tesla of course. I figured that this design anti-.pattern Cybertruck is pictured all over the Internet by now. Shockingly ugly. Looks like a mental clear-cut forest.

// Rolf

i can remember seeing a nice anecdote summarizing your clear-cut forest.

Pretty sure they used the free version of TurboCad. You gotta control costs anyway you can.

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I’m not sure what you mean?

In Swedish I use the idom; “mentalt kalhygge” to try to depict the mindset of, for example, the architecture typical of the Soviet Communist era. With this Tesla monster I see something similar.

A “mental clear-cut forest” is an idiom which would be quite clear in Swedish. But perhaps a better word would be “lack of soul”.

Or emptiness. Nihilism. Desolate clear-cut design reflecting a desolate mind, or soul. Void of beauty. Not void of “expression” though, because the expression of a dark or empty soul is also an expression, even a strong one. It’s just not beauty. Shuddering.

I think you get the idea.

// Rolf

Appreciate your description Rolf…Enjoy the weekend.

Hi @Brenda Did you mean: aesthetically

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Maybe one could even make some structural calculation on very complex curved bulletproof windows…


It seems they put all the focus on the steel bodywork. But “it didn’t go through” … :cold_sweat:

// Rolf

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Where’s John DeLorean these days?

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They could’ve invested more time in playing with modifiers. This is simply a disappointment. Anyway, it musk not take time to model this in Rhino.

  1. Make a cuboid
  2. Go in the right view
  3. Make the profile
  4. Split the cuboid
  5. Tadaaa! :slight_smile::+1:t3:

This is a good example why curvature matters on cars and what makes the absence of it to a design. Although, when looking at the overall form its actually not that bad. I even like it somehow. It just looks poorly made!

It’s ‘stealth’ …don’t ya know…:wink:


pretty exact a hundred years after streamline,
we have finaly dived into the era of straightline.