Visualising future product outcome

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if it is possible to do the same but within Rhino? Without external help (grasshopper en co don’t count). I mean this work with pictures. It’s like photoshop mask but also a window…

Thanks a lot in advance!

Well this is at the core just texture mapping, so the short answer is…yes? But that’s showing a very specialized interface setup. How to set it up that you can see the whole slab with the pieces on it AND the pieces in-place and easily change things around…there might be a convoluted way to set that up with history and custom mapping objects without coding?

I just find it extremely useful if you are working with REAL materials.
It’s like creating a clone (maybe through block) that woult work as a clipping plane (but clipping plane doesn’t clip pics unfortunately, wel rhino doesn’t) and sent the contents to its original.

The problem is that the picture has to be perfectly scaled and the ‘clons’ to be identical to the original.
That is why I made a conclusion that the following video is NOT the sollution:

I don’t think you can do without coding. Anyone?

By clipping I mean autocad clip image.

Hi - I’m not sure if I understand you correctly but have you taken a look at this tutorial?