Can this be drawn with Rhino?

That’s the crunchy view, they just forgot to switch back to creamy… :wink:


That’s just your opinion.
I wouldn’t say it’s beautifull either, but I think it is very interesting indeed.
Maybe a little late on the stealth/tessellation-design trend of a decade ago.
It is also quite obviously a concept car, whatever Elon might tell you.
No way this would stand the test of safety regulations (pedestrian safety anyone?)

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I would call this a marketing stunt and a quite successfull one if you ask me.
First they showed that the glass they are going to use would resist impacts that are much stronger than the metal ball thrown into the side windows later. So the tech is obviously delivering what they are promising.
Then there is the “unfortunate” acciddent that wrecks the two side windows and you can tell from Elon’s and his Buddy’s reactions that they are not in the least shocked.
Now the internet goes crazy and soon we will drown in Tesla cracked glass memes.
Result: everybody is talking even more about wonderboy Elon and Tesla.
Free publicity galore.

Call me a cynic, but this went exactly as planned.


…launch it into orbit

It would solve some of their biggest manufacturing headaches. No more paint and panel gap issues.

The big question is how many truck buyers will embrace the odd styling? Then there’s the massive weight penalty over aluminum.

Fully agree. Monster marketing bomb.

Of course it is. And I wholeheartedly bought into the marketing stunt. But I thought it be a subject for a relaxing weekend chat. I hope you are not taking me too serious. But it still remains ugly. :smiley:

// Rolf


That’s what I’m here for :grin:


To my sensibilities, beyond the wasteful aerodynamic atrocity it is–it looks like a vehicle prop from a cheap 1970s television show.

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Is this a new design movement…

A Youtube comment regarding the price tag for the truck:

“We’ve reduced the cost of production by lowering the polygon count.”

No need for SubD on this one.

// Rolf

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Not entirely sure but from the look of that Tesla it might be comprised totally of developable surfaces which would certainly reduce production cost…

or an Elon brain fart!

McNeel should create tutorial for beginners: Lesson 1 - making Tesla’s Cybertruck


Ha ha, that was a good one! :laughing:

// Rolf

Don´t believe that. Curvature adds a lot of stiffness. Flat panels need to be a lot thicker, thus are more expensive. Forming sheet metal under a press costs close to nothing in large scale production. While a car made from stainless steel might sound like a great idea, there are actually a lot of problems with this material, especially in coastal areas, or during wintertime, when a lot of salt is thrown on the streets.

And always bring warm water.
You’ll have fans stuck to it.

Tried that when I was a kid. For those of you who haven’t tried; Don’t try. :yum:

// Rolf

Yes, it’s called “Sliding Downhill”

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Needs a Turbosmooth modifier.