How to go about this

Hi guys! i am very new to the big daddy Rhino, I would like to know how would I go about doing this in Rhino, I created this model in 3ds max but after watching Rhino tutorials it seems like I would have to be doing alot more work in Rhino to do this or not?
also i want to make it airtight which is hard to do in max, it will be machined later on real life on a 5 axis cnc machine

that would be a lot of sweep2 work,i think

what about with tsplines? is that any benefit?

Hmmm- yeah- defeinitely a bit of work - the scrolls and the detailing between them in the image would be relatively straightforward surfacing, I would say; in plain Rhino the hard part would be the low relief parts below and above the scrolls. I think I might look for some displacement, mesh based tool to add that- possibly even Rhino’s own ApplyDisplacement, if you had good clean gray-scale heightfield images to work from.


Yes, your going to want to look at T splines, especially if you are already familiar with poly modelling. Also Tsplines will allow you to import the mesh you already have and work on it from there if im not mistaken.

Save yourself a week, try Tsplines…

PS. I do not work for Tsplines hahah

Thanks your reply, seems many other people are running away from my question but yeah it seems tsplines is what i need although i tried inporting my model and converting it which it did but when it came time to combine it into one shell i had some weired unfixable issues

No problem.

Just saw this and thought of your task. Looks helpful for the reliefs. You could make them planar and then flow along surf to get them on there.

Seems really nice jazzcat! am going to try this

rhino emboss seems impressive upon quick look at this video.