Thanks All

I think I finally reached the end of my first Rhino project. I took an old one I had done using another product and converted it. With your help I was able to overcome all the difficulties.

Now I have to learn how to use materials and do rendering. AND I am waiting for the ability to do print layouts.

In the mean time I am going to start on some projects for which I got Rhino in the first place. Although I may come back to this.


Cool, looks good!

Hi Jim - looking good- nice job.


Very nice!!!

If it’s all joined up watertight (Analyze > Edge Tools > Show Edges: Naked Edges), you should 3D print it (Convert to a mesh and export to STL). :smile:

If this workflow is of any interest to anyone, my favorite (somewhat hidden) feature of Rhino is coloring the backfaces of surfaces. I generally leave this on all the time when I’m modeling since it helps make clean files from the get go. Same for testing Naked Edges.

(Preferences > Display Modes > (Pick the desired view type under Standard, such as “Shaded”) > General > Shading Settings > Backface settings > Select “Single color for all backfaces”… here, I find a dull orange or light brown seems to work well.)