Need help making a shape

I’ve been trying like crazy to figure out how to make
this shape in Rhino and now I’ve run out of ideas, could someone
please help.

The biggest problem is that it needs to be created
from precis strip with a specific width (4600mm) and length (27200mm)
as I intend to later build it up from triangles in the fashion shown
in the second picture.

It looks like you’d split up a cone… getting the cutting curves in the right places is going to be the hard part to figure out. I’ll poke at it.

Here’s a rough start -
PaperConeThing.3dm (387.8 KB)

Oh well… it was fun playing…


I work off photographs a lot. If it is something you can photo a top and side view then it could be a matter of building curves and then 2 rail sweep . Just a suggestion, good luck

Thank you, but I’m afraid I wasn’t precis enough in the description with what I need to do so I
don’t think this solution will work, I will try to update the post.

This is the closest I could get… I’m sure with a little more time I could get it a little closer but as the ozarks says it would need a few photos with measurements.

small.3dm (46.3 KB)