BUG - stacking fractions misaligned

Using the Curve Length Dimension command resulted multiple times in the attached visual error.

1a.3dm (307.8 KB)

Version 7 SR7
(7.7.21160.5001, 2021-06-09)

Hello - I see… for some reason the formulas are multiplying on this dimensions - thanks for the report.
RH-64720 DimCurveLength: Length formulas multiply


Hi - Has there been any progress fixing this? Still happening in (7.12.21313.6341, 2021-11-09)

Creation product of “DimCurveLength”. Last click during the process was the left end of the arrow leader on the right. Not sure why the text has such a big gap…had to zoom out to find it.

Grabbed the left control point of the dimension and dragged it right…this is the minimum gap left over before the next image’s result.

Trying to minimize the gap further yields this bit of illegibility:

Further adjustment yields this:


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Hi Michael - I see this is a mess, I’ll get it in front of a developer, thanks for the example.
RH-66356 Dim curve length all over the place

You bet, thanks!

Having the leader on left/text on right seems to work better, though the vertical alignment is off.

vertical justification seems off here:

vertical justification looks better, but doesn’t match the “bottom of first line” setting.

The leader command (seems like it ought to be a close cousin to that dimension type) works fine:

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