DimCurveLength should work on object edges

DimCurveLength seems to require an actual curve - seems like it would fit better into the Rhino workflow if you could use surface edges as well.


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Also, it would seem that DimCurveLength results should correspond to the ‘Number format’ as well as "Precision’ of the Dimension settings. IE, ‘Number format’ is set to "Fractional’, it should return a fraction (based on what your ‘Precision’ is set to. Currently DimCurveLength only returns a decimal. The other dimension tools return whatever format you’ve specified in your settings.

Both of these problems stem from the fact that DimCurveLength is not a real dimension object, but just a text annotation associated with an object property that has history so it updates. So it doesn’t work on surface edges because they are not real “curve objects” in the file - they don’t have a GUID. Perhaps someday they will, but for now this is the case.

And, not being a real dimension object, it does not pay attention to your dimension styles either.

Hope this explains what’s happening, --Mitch

I don’t have access to WIP right now but - are people seeing this as now working?


Hello - it works in V7.

Oops, on Windows at least.
Does not work, here, on Mac V7.
It works on brep edges but not on extrusion edges.



RH-54140 is fixed in the latest WIP