CurveLengthDimension fails show inch brackets as per style

I have used default dim style as source for new dim and have in [ ] inches after the cm.

2.54 [1.0 inch]

all is good. then I do a Curve Length Dimension and all is NOT good.

no inches.

do a linear dim and get cm [ inches] so the default display is working.

How do I get Curve Length Dimension to show as other dims show, the [inches] ?



That does look like a bug.
Sorry about that.
It has been logged here

Hi Alain,

I don’t imagine you’re going to fix it in V5 though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have opened file in V7 as this is driving me nuts, but its stil doing it.

I have loads of curve lengths to do and cannot see what the inches are.

Is this solved in V8 ?

Do fixes get back dated a version ?


Not yet I guess, as it has just been logged.

Fairly unlikely, as nothing but critical bug fixes like crashes will be fixed for V7.

Can anyone write a script etc so I can display inches and cm for curve length dimension command.
I need to adjust curve and see inches and cm alter.

as it is, its unprofessional to have to keep altering by a few nudges then entering a new value for inches manually.

I need to see inches as I adjust.

I seem to have bought V7 and will be skipping it for V8 with hoped for fixes to V7 problems and those of V5, and I hope the basic issues of V7 as well as V5 are fixed in V8 such as this basic need.

Disappointing loss of money.


Well, I know I have said similar things before, but one last time:

I highly suggest you download and install the V8 Evaluation version NOW and start using it - so that you will be able to decide before the end of February, when the special promotional upgrade price expires, if the investment is going to be worth it to you.

I wouldn’t expect V8 to fix all of your complaints, as it’s building on V7 and moving forward - not backwards in the direction of V5. You’ll need time to get used to V8’s look and way of doing things and to figure out how to best adapt it to suit your needs. However, you will also need to adapt your expectations to what is now possible (or not). 90 days is a relatively short time to do this.

If you end up buying V8 without doing the above, like V7 you are likely to find that it’s just another


Thanks, noted.
I have a project that I am touching the finishing tape on, and the wind is blowing and the tape moving about on me ! new data means another few days redrawing, just when I thought I had finished.

if I get and evaluate V8 now, 3 months work is lost, I wont be starting up on it again. has to get finished NOW.

and something called Christmas is about to happen, so I either I dont have a Christmas, or I get this fast becoming nightmare project finished, so I will try V8 after Christmas.

Excited, but dreading a lot more lost time setting it up as was V7 to have problems with V5 files and vanishing dims as well as basic stuff like line quality lost.

I must have it retain basic good aspects.

any video links to what V8 looks like and whats better and whats fixed would be welcome.