Browser stalls when trying to login


Hi I’m getting the same message, but I’m using Windows. It’s also unable to reach the system when it opens the link in my browser. The solution for Macs doesn’t seem to be working for me. How do I fix this?

Your Rhino account login has expired lockup
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Is there any chance you’re between Windows Updates and your system needs a restart?
What service release are you running?


It does look like my system was between updates, but I’m still having the same problem - the Rhino login system times out before it can connect.
By service release do you mean Windows or Rhino?


I invariably get this page

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Rhino SR.
In an earlier build, we relied on Windows to start the default Browser.
There were times Windows was confused so the symptom looked just like you described.
I think that was V6 SR9 and earlier. If memory serves, SR10 fixed it, but I’m not positive.
If you installed Rhino recently using a fresh download from the Rhino Web site, you should be okay.
If you used an old installer you saved from several months ago, that could be the problem.
If it were me, I would download the current installer and run it.
Then see if that works.

Can you login to your account here:
Then go into your Personal (me) licenses.
Do you see your license?
Is your email address in your Rhino account correct?


Yep I can see my license and my email is correct. Is the Download Rhinoceros link I see here on my license page the download I want?

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Yes, that link will give you the latest V6 released build.
It’s SR13


Looks like that fixed the problem! Thanks!

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