Rhino Accounts Server cannot be reached pops up after login

Hello! I am using Windows 10 and Cloud Zoo. Rhino 6 requests I login, says I am not logged in. Clicking on the link brings up the web page, I login to my Rhino Account, the login completed page pops up and simultaneously I get a notification Rhino Accounts Server cannot be reached, check your internet connection.

Everything seems to be working correctly except the server part. I might have an issue with Windows 10 because AutoCAD has also stopped working, and some of my updates are failing to install. I have disabled the firewall completely and set up rules to allow connections to Rhino even though that is redundant and neither worked. I was hoping I could get some tips to point me in the right direction as to what exactly could cause this issue so I can figure out where the problem is.

Thank you!

I suspect you are running a V6 Service release that is about 2 years behind on monthly service releases.

Download the current V6 installer from the Archive section of the Download page.
Run the installer.
Then start V6.

Any luck?