Rhino exits without a login browser window

Hi everybody, I’m having this weird problem with logging into Rhino 7.

I installed Rhino on my new Workstation laptop and after using it a few times, Rhino wants me to log in again. No big deal, right…?
I input my email and the server recognizes that I own a license of Rhino 7.

it then however pops up this window, which usually opens a browser window where I would login to the mcneel.com website.
Snímek obrazovky 2021-12-20 170931
No browser window is opened and then Rhino says it will now exit…
Snímek obrazovky 2021-12-20 170940

Am I doning something wrong? Is there some problem with log4j at McNeal servers? I can log to the website normally and my lincese is still there…

Thanks for any suggestions how to solve this.

Ok, now, for like 7th time it worked… :smiley:

My guess is a Windows restart will fix it.
Rhino has asked Windows to open the Internet browser and Windows is refusing.
In V6, the startup splay screen would just stall.
In V7, we pop up the message.

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