What to do when grasshopper brep/brep intersection is failing?

I am working on a complex grasshopper model and have noticed that some times brep/brep intersection is failing when it is apparent that it should work. Is there a way to work around it without hacks?

I would like to share an example, but it is confidential, so will try to explain as well as I can:

I have an ueven brep with many faces that will be cut using two simple surfaces made by lofting though lines. There seems to be nothing wrong with the brep itself. It is made out of planar surfaces and has been sporphed in a non-aggressive manner using start and target surfaces that are large enough. Cutting the brep using surfaces usually works without problems.
The two cutting surfaces are lofted using lines that do not cross, changing lofting options does not remove the problem.

Usually, this works. But some times, it does not. In those cases, usually one surface manages to cut, but the other does not. It is apparent that both surfaces are intersecting the brep creating a closed loop, there do not seem to be any vertical surfaces on the brep coinciding with the cutting surfaces. However, there are edges on the brep that are very close(in ideal cases coinciding) with the cutting surfaces. I am guessing that these edges cause the problems. But removing them is very complex. Currently I am working around it by offsetting the cutting surfaces by a minimal amount (0.01 has handled all cases until now), but this solution is sub optimal. Are there other ways to fix this?

Feel free to pm me a file.

ā€“ Dale

Done. By the way, in the process of making this file, I pasted the baked geometry into another rhino file, when importing the grasshopper geometry from that file the problem was not reproduceable. So I also attached the faulty rhino file.

For reference, the problem was that my document modelling tolerance was too high at 0.00001.