Surface from Points

Hi everyone, can somebody tell me why I get this result from the Surface from Points component? I managed the data to create 24 branches, and I would expect the 24 surfaces to be visibly separate at least, instead I get these three rows… Eventually I want to make a continuous, lantern-like polysurface though, like the ones you see next to it. What’s wrong with my data management? I’d really appreciate if you could suggest some texts to elaborate on. I’ve only been studying on Algorithms-Aided Design by Tedeschi so far. Thanks in advance for your patience and help!

Up. Anybody?

How can someone “know” the datatree structure by looking only at a picture?
Your canvas screenshot have only one object with preview turned on: points.
And yet your other screenshot show meshes/surfaces…

The cleaner the question and the more answers you’ll get.

No answers, because it was totally vague.

Please provide the gh definition and explain further/better if you can.
(internalize geometries if needed)

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