Blocks ---- issues

2 major issues with blocks. I’m in v5 so please let me know if this is different in 6 anyone.

  1. is there a way to prompt your block so you do not by accident press cancel or the dreaded “x” in the corner === and then lose like 5 hours of work, sometimes. I’ve grown into the workflow of every so often closing, saving… but I would love to set up a prompt for the “x” or the “cancel” button…

  2. when I’m working in a block, I group things. I continue working in block with group, everything is great. then when I close out of group save, and go back into the block - the group no longer exists. It does not save group information… ???

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I tried to encourage a little more polish on the block manager.

Hello - I am not sure what this means - what command are you running? Can you give some context?


Hi Pascal. I guess I THOUGHT there was a cancel option . But no, in the block edit - there is just an OK button and a HELP button. If you hide objects in your block and press OK you get a “prompt” basically if you want to keep those hidden objects or not - which is a bit confusing in the way it’s worded - this did take me some time to understand what was actually happening… I always just press NO now. BUT, if by accident I click on the X button to close out the blockedit dialog box, I lose everything. I work fast so sometimes I mistake the block edit as another dialog box or maybe i think it’s in another file. What I would love to see is a “save changes” ? if you click BY ACCIDENT on the X. maybe in the Options somewhere to “prompt” the user to save or not by closing out of the block edit?? I hope this makes sense. This happens to me at least once a week… sometimes I do this multiple times in a day because I’m rushed. etc.

Hello - got it - the basic wish is for clicking X to prompt to save changes, correct?

Would it be better/clearer not to have an X but have a Cancel button instead?


YES that is the basic wish :slight_smile:

Sure if you replace the HELP with CANCEL and include the Prompt Save Changes. That would make it cleaner. Having 3 buttons might be annoying. … I mean that help button is a bit annoying…

If you keep the X i think that should also have the save changes too… that way I’m not mistaking it for a layers panel or etc…

Cool . thanks, Brenda. It’s been a while since I’ve been crazy about the block manager but #15, 16,12,19,20 are favorable. Especially volume counting suggestions… I’m not sure this has been done yet…