Blocks + Groups

I have noticed that blocks are not able to save group definitions. I add grouped objects to a block, or create a block that contains grouped objects; when I go back to edit the block, the objects that were previously grouped still exist, but are no longer grouped. Is this expected behavior, or am I doing something wrong?

I would find it particularly useful if blocks were able to remember groups. Thoughts from anyone else?


I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, it just has not been wired in to work that way. Yet. I’ll add a bug report for the developer if there is not one already - I have no idea how hard or easy it might be to make that work as you suggest.


This would help in many situations with complex objects, so you do not need to re-group again. Thanks!

I have just noticed this behavior and wondering if there is a chance to have it retain groups in V6… here is mainly why I would need it, so maybe someone has better idea how to make it work:

Many times I have a lot of objects on several layers, and have many design options. I don’t want to create a new set of layers for each design option, so instead, I was making a block out of each design option and assigning the definition to the new layer, called Option_A, B etc. - so I can quickly turn on/off the options and have less extra layers. It works great, except it loses groups I have made within the design options.

Retaining Groups that were made with the Block Definition once Block Instance is exploded would be great (I guess It would mean creating bunch of extra new groups - for each exploded block definition, and not keeping all of them within their original groups…

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Pascal, this might be a bit more complicated than groups, but blocks lose history as well.

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Hi @pascal,

I see that latest SR still has this problem.
Is it any plan to fix it in the nearest future?


Feature “retain groups in blocks” still not available in
WIP (6.0.17157.8191, 2017-06-06).
any chance ?

Hi Alan - not much chance , I would say - my guess is, if it is even possible, it would be a pretty significant change in how blocks are handled.


Reviving this topic - I would also find groups within blocks to be extremely useful.

Also, if using the hide-swap command within a block, not to show everything else that was already hidden but not a part of that block

Hi Alasdair - so, only pay attention onto the objects hidden within the current BlockEdit session?


Yep thats correct.

I never keep items within block hidden, that seems to remove them from the block

But ill often isolate or hide/swap when working on a block, then bring the objects back

Hi Alasdair - you might try using the hide buckets when editing -


that might take care of it. I’ll see if I can cook up a macro that works for bucket-swap.


Id forgotten that existed thanks. I just found out typing -hide reveals
"Name of object set to hide. Press Enter to hide with no named set"
So I assume I can have as many hidden sets as I like.

I don’t think this solves my issue of revealing hidden non block objects when working within a block though.


Hi Alasdair - I just thought that for now it might be useful if you used these instead of Hide, while in a block edit. -Show also allows you to select what bucket to show.


That could help. I realised that isolate doesn’t reveal the hidden objects that aren’t part of th block so that works well for now.

I think its just my method of working, sometimes I’ll accidently hide something in my block, then I go to bring it back using hide-swap, but then its a part of the rest of the model. Then I freak out and click ok to exit the block and I get the dialogue

“this block contains hidden or locked objects, hidden or locked objects are not supported in block definitions. Leabe objects hidden or locked and remove them from the block definition”

And no matter what option I click it seems to basically explode my block and I have to ctr z, then lose my working.

Hi Alasdair - ShowSelected !


Yep I just get carried away in the moment haha

But I think it is confusing that with hideswap or showselected, it leaves the block. I guess thats because blocks can’t have hidden objects. I’d rather have ‘temporary’ hidden objects in blocks, that show when exiting block


+1 and History in blocks

This is still not working. And blocks inside blocks is a real nightmare in Rhino.