Block: BlockEdit locked ALL block instances

I was composing a technical drawing in Layouts. While editing a title block, the BlockEdit window closed by itself and ALL objects became grey and completely locked. Now the BlockEdit is unable to select and therefore edit any blocks.

There are two blocks in the scene, my selfmade title block, and a McNeel example title block. The McNeel block is on it’s own layers, and my title block is on a layer containing scene objects. Neither of the block definitions can be deleted because of the reference objects.

(I was able to save the project through STEP import)

Formwerk Loft.3dm (5.0 MB)

i am not sure if i understood you correct but maybe you locked it accidentally try the command Unlock.

That worked, thank you! After unlocking, all objects on all layers obtained the following line in Object Properties > Details:

“Plug-In: BlockEdit
description: InPlaceBlockEdit user data etc. etc.”

It probably isn’t a problem, but confusing still. None of these objects were previously related to the Blocks inserted.


I was able to replicate the problem:

  1. Create box 1.
  2. Create box 2.
  3. Create a block from box 2, “Block 01”.
  4. Edit the block instance with BlockEdit.
  5. Copy paste the box 2 inside the block.
  6. BAM! The BlockEdit window closes.
  7. Box 1 has become locked. Box 2 has been copypasted. Only editable / selectable / interactable objects are the box 2, and it’s copy. Rhino tells that there is 1 instance of block definition “Block 1”, but nothing blocklike is visible / editable etc. If you delete the definition, it’s gone, yeah, but the box 2 and it’s copy remain, and of course the grey locked box 1. Suspiciously selecting either of the box 2 brothers makes no record in Command History panel.

Is this behaviour and inability to copypaste stuff inside blocks intentional?

“EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN!!” - a Dalek -

this is known bug reported months ago

Hi all - thanks -


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MR-3115 should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP (5E199w). Please give it a try.