Cannot copy and paste between Blocks

I’ve noticed when copying geometry from one block to another, the Block Edit window disappears, explodes the block and locks everything else. So it’s then necessary to redefine the Block, then unlock all the visibilities. This is incredibly annoying.

A way around is to copy from one block, paste into the overall model, cut, then paste into the other block. It’s difficult to remember to do this every time.

I can’t think of a functional reason for it to be this way.

If I’m understanding you correctly, BlockEdit was never designed to be able to do what you described.
You can edit one block at a time.

Maybe I’m confused?

Ok, I’ll try to describe this again. There are two blocks. You decide part of the geometry from one block should also be in the second block.

  1. Edit the first block and Copy something.

  2. Exit the block editor.

  3. Edit the second block and Paste.

The block explodes and everything else gets locked.


  1. Edit the first block and Copy something.

  2. Exit the block editor.

  3. Paste. Then Cut.

  4. Edit the second block and Paste.

This works but seems to have an unnecessary in-between step. I’m working on some tessellated blocks at the moment, and I keep exploding them by mistake because of this.

Does that make sense? I’ve made an example file. Block copy paste.3dm (4.5 MB)

You can not have BlockEdit open on two different blocks at the same time.
The best work around I can think of is to export one or both blocks to their own files, Have both files open at the same time and copy and paste between them,
If you used them as Linked blocks, then the changes will be reflected in the file where they are instanced.

I think I understand the confusion. I’m talking about using CopyToClipboard and Paste between blocks. It’s not about editing blocks simultaneously, just editing them sequentially as normal. Here’s another example;

  1. Edit a block and draw a square in it.

  2. ** Exit the block editor **

  3. Edit the second block and draw an identical square in it.

Obviously this is possible. I’m saying the action of pasting something shouldn’t explode a block. There should at least be some warning. But I don’t understand why it happens at all. Feels like a bug.

Muffins… :bug:

From the RH6 WIP:

at this point I have double-clicked on the box to enter the Block Editor and copied the box to the clipboard.
I then double-clicked on the cylinder to enter the Block Editor for that block. Upon pasting from the clipboard that warning pops up.

When clicking the OK button in that warning:

Both OK and Help buttons are inaccessible and the dialog has to be killed with the red X button.

@NeilE, don’t you have the Add Object… button? It appears that when you click that one you can select the other object (which will remain a block of its own (of course)).

Confirmed steps to reproduce:

  1. create block A with unique geometry
  2. create block B with unique geometry
  3. edit block A by doubleclick
  4. Select all geometry and Copy to Clipboard
  5. close block A editing
  6. edit block B by doubleclick
  7. paste geometry from clipboard…

…blockedit window disappears (blockedit command crashed?), all other geometry remains locked but now you are editing exploded block geoemtry in the main model. Undo/redo does not work for this issue.

Hi All - thanks.


temporary fix:

  • Copy from block A, close Blockedit dialog
  • Paste
  • Cut
  • Edit destination block via doubleclick=blockedit
  • Paste