Block Editing Problem

Hi - is anyone else finding that block editing fails after a while. On opening a file you can use the ‘Edit Block in Place’ command as expected, but after working in the file for a while the command ceases to do anything. The only way to fix it that I’ve found is to close the file and reopen it.

It doesn’t seem to be specific to any individual file but a general issue.

I’m using the latest build of Rhino [5.2.3] and MacOS 10.12, on various different machines.

Hi Oliver - one thing that seems odd to me is that the BlockEdit dialog appears to be non-modal. Unlike Rhino for Windows, the dialog does not go away when you’re done- so it seems like it could be open, someplace, but not visible, in your case. Can you see a bit of the dialog someplace at the edges of the screen, something like that? As far as I can see the dialog does stay in front of other Rhino elements as long as it is open.

Meantime, I’ll try to reproduce this.

I can reproduce it, it looks like, as well as some other not-so-good behavior - thanks for the report.

@Oliver_Salway - I can make this happen in 5.2.3 but so far not in the 5.3 WIP so it may be just fixed for the next release.


Hi Pascal, thanks for the reply. No I can see the BlockEdit dialog box, it’s just that its unresponsive. When its working properly, using the block edit command brings it up and shows the blocks contents etc as normal. Later on, the command just doesn’t do anything and the BlockEdit window, though still visible is empty and doesn’t respond to any mouse clicking. Next time it happens I’ll try and document it for you.

Thanks! - Oliver