Render & Shaded Mode Display Issue


I have had this issue before and can remember how I fixed it. In render mode and shaded mode on Rhino 6, the display completely distorts and is unreadable, I have attached an image to show as it is hard to verbalise what it is doing. I am running -
GEForce GTX 1050 Ti (Graphics)
Windows 10
32gb Ram
My rhino is updated and have tried all the relevant fixes that I know if, i.e ‘RefreshShadedMode’

Can anyone explain how to fix this or what may be causing it. I have also copied and pasted it into another file that has not been having this issue ,but not change.


I’m guessing here your geometry is very far from the world origin (w0,0,0). Does it work better if you move everything close to world 0,0,0? If this helps, please review

Moving it into a new file and to world 0’0’0 has seemed to fix it. I must have moved the model miles away by accident.


Glad it worked out :slight_smile: