Array Between

Is there a command in rhino that allows you to array an object between two points?
This post isn’t quite what I’m after: ArrayLinear — Can Second Point be the End of the Array? - Rhino / Rhino for Mac - McNeel Forum

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The thing is that the array needs to begin with the spacing at the first point and end with the spacing at the last point, creating all equal spaces and forcing the first and last copies of the object to the outside of the two points.

The current manual method I use (demonstrated below) doesn’t really take that long to accomplish, but I really feel like, programing-wise, this should be quite achievable and easily translated into a command. I should probably delve into Grasshopper, but I’m not sure when the time will come.
Anyway, to achieve the ‘ArrayBetween’ I have to place the object (with a bounding box if it’s an odd shape) with its outer face on the outside of my 2 points and draw a line between their centers - then I use ArrayCrv. Not labour-intensive, just curious if a command exists or is in the works.


Hello - for now, get the ends in position and use Distribute to even things out.


Great thanks - that’s swifter than my process, thank you.

Would love to see it develop into ‘distribute along a curve’. That’s the dream!

Hello - for distributing along a curve, ArrayCrv may help, otherwise, a linear array and Flow from a line to the curve may do it.


You can also use this python script