Where is the array between command?

Hi, I have two objects same and wish to do an array between the two, select both and say 10 objects between, X axis.
How is this done ?

Hard to tell what you’re really after without seeing the shape or having the file but here’s a few ways you could do it:

  • Tween curve
  • Array linear, just position 10 in x-direction without considering distance between objects and then using Distribute
  • Use ArrayBetween http://www.studiogijs.com/single-post/2016/04/11/array-between, made by @Gijs, and delete the last object that lands on top of the object you already had.
  • Or create your own python script.

Create a temporary curve between the identical points on the two items. Select first item and choose “Array along curve” command. Select curve. In the options dialogue select “Number of items” and enter 11 (i.e 10+1) in the value field. Click ok and you have your array, but with the end item duplicated, so you lastly need to delete one of the final objects.

thanks all,
for what i had tween curve did it, but i will try these others out as well when i get 5 mins.
bit manic at the mo


Have you tried “labs array” command?

Duh, for 10 in between enter 12, not 11… Stupid boy.