How can I create an array between two same objects?

Hi, V5
I need to create e.g. 3 evenly spaced objects between two that I pick, which sit on a line and are aligned to that line, so I end up with 5 same objects all evenly spaced along the line.
I would think array between would do it, is there such ?


Create line between corresponding points on the end objects.
Divide the line with number of divisions equal to 1 less than total number of objects desired including end objects.
Select one end object.
Number of objects is 1 less than the total number of objects desired including end objects.
First reference point is the end of the line at the selected end object.
Second reference point is the closest division point.
Delete line and division points.

Hi Steve - if the objects are curves, TweenCurves will do it.
Another way is to copy the object any old way in between the two end ones and then use Distribute.


Hi, Pascal, I tried TweenCurves but it created a tween within the object itself, Object is a grouped curve (sausage shaped box and a X shape within)
I then tried Distribute but it says unknown command.

I have got as far as divide, split yes, then arrayLinerar but I am unable to select the end object.

I wish arrayBetween existed, it would be select two objects, enter number required, hit enter job done !


Well, if you ask about two objects and in fact there are more than two, my answer is indeed unlikely to be helpful.


Use Split=No which results in points along the line.

After starting ArrayLinear a message should appear in the command line “Select objects to array:”. That is when you select one of the end objects.

Distribute is a Rhino 6 command.

David, that now worked thank you.
a lot to remember, a command that carried those steps within it would be good.
I still like my idea of ArrayBetween, meanwhile I will place those steps into the methods word doc that I keep, but folk with grouped items be they curves or solids could benefit from a command with a logical name.

Pascal, I didnt know that a grouped item would be a killer else I would have mentioned it as such.