Linear array option

Hi, it would be useful if linear array had a “between” option.

so if you select the “between” option, the linear array will fill the number of objects between the first reference point and the second.


great idea!
+1 for me.

Between two (6.8 KB)

thanks Michael,
of course this can be solved as GH, but why this should be done in such complex way?
I have a medium knowledge of grasshopper but not a fan of “always script something that can be a good standard tool”.
the array tools of rhino need a huge improvement, making paneling tool part of them, as standard release.
only my point of view.


Thank you Michael for your solution. but I agree with skysurfer, this should be part of the standard tool.


and there is LabsArray (for Rhino 5) in this thread:

Hi - if you first create a line between the reference points, you can use ArrayCrv to fill with a specified number of copies.

I’ve added a request to specify a line as part of the command so that you don’t have to create it first (just like you have that option in the Flow command). RH-50698


let me disagree with this.
from a ux point of view is a mistake.
but I understand that in this way it’s easyier to add.

As a quick-ish workaround, I suggest:

  • Make a linear array that is too short but has the correct number of objects.
  • Move the last object to the correct location.
  • Distribute all of the objects.


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The other aspect of the tool here that is missing is feedback as to the total number of items over a given length. For example, something I’m doing right now is deciding how many vertical slats to clad a building in.

The building is essentially a fixed length so it would be interesting to adjust the number of slats with a live preview that also reports what the individual offset of each instance of an array would be.

For example, for a given length you might be unsure whether you need 50 or 100 or 150 slats (it’s a visual decision primarily). If you define the total length, then adjust the number of total items to be created in the array would result in a live preview in the viewport and a dialogue reporting the individual offsets at different number of array items.


I wonder why this isn’t added to the linear array command. I miss it too. Looks like a basic function. Maybe it can be added to Rhino7. :wink:

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I also vote for this option to be added in the future releases of Rhino 7. :slight_smile:

here’s a script pascal cooked up for me a long time ago. drag it onto the rhino window and run ArraySpan. the prompts are a little confusing. if you think it might work i can give more help.

@Rhino_Bulgaria @YNBA

ArraySpan.rvb (6.9 KB)

and then there is also this script I wrote 5 years ago :slight_smile:

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hmm, am i doing something wrong? never had this problem.

i made an alias to run this and nothing happens, it does work running it from the editor though

_-RunPythonScript "C:\Users\monke\Box\__RhinoSettings\_scripts\RhinoPython\_transform\"

can you try to save it again from the editor? I think @Micha had a similar issue last time when downloading from github

that worked. WTH is that about?

also, if i run the command and exit immediately these errors get thrown up. it only happens when it prompts to select an object and then pressing escape.


that error should be fixed now, I didn’t check for no input in that script. Could you do me a favor and try to see if you download the new one if it runs right from the start (I added # coding=utf-8 to the script)
if that works I might have to update all my github scripts

where is the new one on GH? i’ll give it a go.