ArrayBetween is there no command to do this?

There is no ‘between’ option in array.
I have an object and need to see 8 of it evenly distributed between it and the last location currently marked with a copy of it.

How is this done ?

I am forever needing this and yet its not in array.

What is odd is the fact that a user doesnt know the distance between the arrayed items, its why they are using array to achieve such, yet the command asks for the next pick as the distance between the items !

If one clicks on the point at the end of the arrayed items you get the first item at that point and the rest off into next room !
Array between how.3dm (375.3 KB)



V7 has the Distribute command for this.
In V5 use the Divide command to place markers on the curve, then use them to manually place your copies.

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oh well… as I am on V5, do it that way I guess.
I would like a script to do ArrayBetween, if any clever soul is able to do so. Then I make a button for it.

folk expect though a between option in the array command, or a command called ArrayBetween.

Could such be added to Array ?

or a python script to make a button for ArrayBetween ?

Its not slick otherwise.


what will be the vector for this distribution, i mean in your example the objects are placed perfectly in x direction but what if they are not. where in the object will be treated as origin. also where will be the starting and ending points. is there any crieteria.
try it-
array between (8.6 KB)

Hi Kalpit.
I think thats a grasshooper file, and I am zero miles on grasshopper, or hops :laughing:

Perhaps one day but I need a quiet week to devote to it.

I had hoped yo have a python code or macro etc make a button to arrayBetween.

even if same clone objects are staggered in 3D and not on an axis, it should still manage it, though my needs are normally linear axis as here.


I don’t think McNeel is making any more updates to v5.

Any reason to not using rhino 7 because here you can use xpanel that any person without grasshopper knowledge can utilize gh files. But I will encourage you to learn grasshopper becoz you can automate various task which will save your time a lot, even with rhino 8, it is so advanced that you can assign layers and materials through grasshopper, you will love the automation and flexibility grasshopper provide you. Don’t get late otherwise you will always procrastinate and fearful about node. Just start to use it in non-essential work and make something small. Post your question here, community is very eager to reply. I am also learning and you can see, I post many questions, you just have to take first step.

Afternoon @Steve1
I just ran into this problem today during work and figured that enough is enough. So I made a little gh file today to fix this. Hope this helps. Inputs are just a line, your object, and how many.

Hope you can use it. :slightly_smiling_face:
Array (16.8 KB)

Hi Ryan,
as mentioned to Kalpit I have zero hops with Grasshopper.

and as for why not using V7,
I spent ages creating dimension templates to alow V5 to open in V7, as else my dims vanished.
Then to be told V8 will mean do it all again.
V7 lines are not fine quality but like twisted ribbons.
I solved this by altering gamma to 2.2 from 1, as per McNeel fix, but then the grid was lines paler than the base colour, and unusable, so I altered the colours and its now in shaded view like V5, BUT ghosted view is now with awful dark grid as is X ray so I have left it as such.

and gone back to V5 as I need to actually do some work and had been messing with V7 since January, then all this sitting around gave me osteoporosis many yrs before it should be, I ddint know and 5 days of bending over double taking 4400 pics for photogrammetry crushed caused a compression fracture, then waiting to see the NHS and not knowing of all this I caused 4 more, so now have 5 fractured vertebrae, one has completely collapsed. not healthy is CAD work, for every hr getting something drawn another half an hour posting issues. also had rebuilt PC for Rhino and video editing and it took 6 months to overcome Msoft OS issues and reinstall 140 progs., and my flight sim version I cant get hold of now. so my recreation is messed up.

Just must get on with 10 months backlog and no more trying to get V7 functional. Wish the lines were like V5. They dont even sit on the axes, but off to one side, most unnerving.


@Ryan14 Why not just use distribute, as suggested in the first reply?

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Oops missed that one.
I have never used Distribute before. Thanks for the enlightenment!

There used to be a Distribute script which eventually got made into a command in V6 or V7.

Maybe this?
HarmonyDistribution(RhV4).rvb (68.7 KB)

It must be somewhere on this forum.

Armadillo might have a tool you find useful.

– Dale

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