ArrayLinear — Can Second Point be the End of the Array?

Hi Folks,

I’m using the LinearArray command, and I’d like to be able to pick the starting and ending points of the Array… and have all of the array divisions fall in between those two reference points.

As it’s setup now after I choose the starting point,… the next point I need to choose is for where the second element of the array will be located… and I don’t always know where that’s going to be.

So I’m not sure if there a setting I can adjust, or a different command to use be better used for my application.

Thanks for Reading,

Jim D

Hi Jim,
In this thread there’s a python script that does what you are after.

Thank You, @siemen,

I appreciate it very much.

This will actually be the first Python script I’ve ever tried in Rhino, so I’ll be looking forward to that.

Take Care, and Thanks Again,

Jim D