Any rhino 7 news

Any time table of to-release rhino 7?

I’m not a McNeel employee, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say: “When it’s done” :smiley:



Not that I’ve seen, and I’ve never seen McNeel announce a release in advance. Based on previous releases I would not expect V7 to be released for several years. You can use the current WIP development version of V7 if you have a V6 .license. Rhino 7 WIP Available Now!

A while ago I saw a suggestion that it was targeted for the middle of this year. I can’t recall where though.

Well, that would be exceptional, only 2 1/2 years after the release of V6… The ‘normal’ cycle (based on past releases) is around 5+ years. Although I’m not opposed to it at all, I think a ~3 year cycle would be good. However, a new release has to have some significant advances, this one looks like SubD, so I think that toolset needs to be made pretty solid before V7 is released.

I think from past experience, it would also be normal for the target to be missed and then missed again and again!

How do you know that previous targets were set and missed?

I pretty much prefer McNeel’s release strategy over those of many other software developers where they just release new software because it’s a new year


Because rhino for Mac target release date kept slipping… for years.

I agree!

The year is no longer new - it has dayed already quite well. A day-toddler!

@Pascal replied to me a while back with the suggestion that measured by SR numbers compared to V6, a V7 release wouldn’t be that far off.

I know that McNeel has changed their SR schedule to be more frequent though, but so did he.

The best way to keep in on the news on v7 is to follow the Rhino WP developement - update every time a new version gets released and you’ll know what is going on. That obviously doesn’t tell you when Rhino 7 gets released, but at least gives you what is going on at this very moment.


maybe it is coming :slight_smile: in a few weeks or days…who knows? :slight_smile: I will have one 4 sure… my boss already told me that business is done/finishing!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It’s already available

Soft launch with sales of Rhino 7 was on November 10. “Big announcement” in early December. Thank you!

But not 4 download is it?

A quinta, 26 de nov de 2020, 00:01, Michael Pryor via McNeel Forum <> escreveu:

You can download for 90 day evaluation

Yea. It’s been out a couple weeks for purchase, upgrade, and evaluation on McNeel’s website.

Ended up not being so far off!