New to Rhino

Just getting my feet wet here on the forum so I’ll ask a question that I’m sure has been asked before. Does Rhino have an upgrade policy that allows a recently purchased product to be upgraded to a new release? Let’s say I just purchased Rhino 6 and a month later Rhino 7 is released. Would I be eligible for a free upgrade?

Nope, that’s never been offered. V7 won’t be out in a month.

email for an official answer. I don’t recall that McNeel’s policy in this type of situation is as draconian as Jim makes it sound. He’s right about V7 not being released any time soon though. Typically McNeel makes no pronouncements about pending release dates until about a month before it happens. When the status changes from WIP to release candidate you will know they think they are getting close. In my opinion I don’t think they’ll be releasing it this year, and possibly not the first half of next year. But my only qualification for making such a statement is knowing what the development process was like from a customer’s perspective for Rhino 2 through 6. I’m also basing my opinion on their stated goals for the product and where the development seems to be right now.

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