Rhino 7 released?

Is Rhino 7 is released i got this email, couple of days back, and its available to buy on the website.

Hi -

Yes, it is.

Ok, cool. But do you plan to tell people?
No party, no champagne? No “Guys, we finally made it!!”?
Where are your marketing people?

search before posting:


Looks like McNeel is starting with a “soft” launch to be followed by the big announcement, etc. They’ve said they want the resellers/distributors to have stock on hand and be prepared, and are also doing some website revisions which they want to have finished before the launch announcement.

I have bought the upgrade from a Hong Kong reseller this week with the discount price. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah it almost seems like they are hiding the launch, i remember that both 5 and 6 both I had a ton of emails and and reminders to upgrade, this time they have taken the quite approach.
BTW did they manage to iron out all the bugs from WIP, I used it a couple of times and i had so many of issues and a couple of crashes.

No, they’ve always used the same “soft launch” approach, you just didn’t see it because maybe nobody let the cat out of the bag on the support group the moment it went live…

Nope I remember very well, my inbox was flooded for upgrades for both Rhino 5 and 6.
This is the first time i am seeing this soft launch approach.

And no bugs and errors/crashes?

The marketing will come later…

So far so good. Only crash when I change Cycle option from OpenCL to CPU on RX 580. No issue with RTX card.

Crash when changing from OpenCL to CPU? Did you send in a crash report? And if so, with the same e-mail address as you use here on discourse?

thats a great news ;-))) cheers and happy new year, we gonna have some marry christmas gifts to play with
but …honestly i hoped, you gonna implement some more features to the subD, like more options for the pipe tool, symmetry instead reflect, nurbs surface reduction after transforming from subD to nurbs and so on… i hope with the release doesn`t stopp the development / improvement of new tools on subD in Rhino 7… and is not like in ArchiCad for every little new feature you have to buy each year new license
anyway ;-))) it s great news … it was still made the jump to SubD

It crash when I change the Cycle option, then change the viewport from Render to Shaded. The PC is ASUS GL702ZC laptop with RX 580. GPU driver is Adrenalin 19.12.1, later driver version have Freesync issue on this laptop.

I am WFH now, not able to access the laptop, will send crash report when it happen again.

I also have an RX 580, and Rhino (Beta) crashes whenever i start creating or editing materials, although not always immediately. Not sure how best to report this issue, as it seems to vary

@Sukey_Thomas, have you sent in crash reports? If you do ensure you use your e-mail address, or at the very least your username you use on discourse so I can find your reports for targetted investigation.

@hungwai.lim, thanks, that would be very useful. Please use your e-mail address as well, or at the very least your username of Discourse, like I suggested above.