Why was the Rhino 7 launch done so inconspicuously?

Hello everybody,

I was wondering why the Rhino 7 launch was done so “inconspicuously”?
At this point, I wouldn’t even know that version 7 was out, if it hadn’t been mentioned by some people here in the forums. The website hasn’t even been updated yet.

It still shows an ad for version 6. Only when you navigate to the buy section, you are going to notice that version 7 is actually being sold.

I’m confused, but I guess this must be due to the pandemic that’s still plaguing the U.S. quite heavily? Or what am I overseeing here?

I hope you’re all doing fine at McNeel!

If you’ve been reading some of the other articles here, you will have found out that this is a “soft launch” - V7 availability but no public announcements for one month. This is essentially to reduce people buying a V6 and license having V7 come out a few days later as well as fix any last-minute serious installation bugs.

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I expect the “launch” of V7 with press releases, etc will occur in the next week or so. A post when sales started said McNeel wanted to make sure distributors and resellers were stocked and the distribution system was working properly before announcing V7.

In the US and perhaps elsewhere it is common for restaurants and retail stores to have a “soft” opening where they begin sales without advertising to give them time to make sure everything is working properly and later have a “grand opening” event.

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I will this help hope to … :thinking:

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Those are the current drafts. They are being updated often. Hopefully, the final English version will be ready in the next week or so and the localized versions will be ready by 10-Dec.


Hi Bob

I’m looking forward to official Rhino 3d V7 new
and I’m happy to use the improved Sub-D tools V7.

Thank you so much.

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