Adding an optional panel for the colour picker

Now with the added transparency for the colour picker, I find that I like to leave it open.
but there’s no good space to put it on the small MBP screen.
So please consider adding a panel for it. It will be very useful.

  • how to draw a symbol for this panel in the grey only outline might be the challenge here…

Thanks a lot

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Hi Akash - I’ve put this request on the list as RH-57514.

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Thank you Wim


May I ask if this giant Windows style colour picker here to stay…?
For one thing, it covers half of the MBP screen.
I wonder what was wrong with the nice old little Mac colour picker?
In addition in this new picker the transparency slider does not seems to work

thanks a lot

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That looks of Rhino for Mac is so slick… I envy them Mac users (in this regard…)!

fwiw, I prefer the regular Mac color picker too… it saves custom colors whereas this new one doesn’t (that I’m aware of)… another thing is the eyedropper on the new one doesn’t work when outside the window… It will go outside the window but I think it only registers the desktop image at that point… even when you’re hovering over an image that is covering the desktop

plus, I’m just used to the other one and do like that it’s smaller.

if it’s not too much trouble, hopefully a preference can be included so we can choose between this one and the OS color picker.


I also prefer native OS picker


This is not good.

This very important feature is obviously also missing…?



Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback on the new color dialog. Obviously this is a big change for our macOS users so we were expecting some feedback.

We did this so we can make it even better on both platforms, however as a starting point we replicated the existing dialog that had been in use on Windows for many years. Now, we can focus on the things that matter most to our Rhino users, and take it to the next level.

This is a really cool idea, however that would have been impossible with the standard macOS color panel. However, now that we have created our own dialog this is now a possibility (I even designed it to enable this in the future). I’ve added RH-57939 for this.

I’ve added RH-57940 to look into making the dialog able to be smaller.

Thanks for pointing this out. I did know the hex input was missing and planned to get it back in before 7.0 was final. I’ve created RH-57937 to track it if you want to follow its progress.

This is due to new security restrictions on macOS Catalina. I believe it should have prompted you to add Rhino to the list of apps that can record the screen. To do this manually, go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Screen Recording and check the box for RhinoWIP like shown here:

Thank you all and please keep the feedback coming!


I missed this one, it’s logged as RH-57941.

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thanks for the response Curtis :+1:

yes, using the Mac color picker, you can save custom colors via drag&drop into the little wells at the bottom:

not sure how you all would like to implement it but the ability to remember colors would be much appreciated…

regarding the other thing about the eyedropper… yes, I remember it asking for permission and I declined out of habit… I didn’t know it would affect this… I changed the preference as you described and it’s now working as expected. thanks


Thanks Jeff. I am an avid macOS user myself, so I am intimately familiar with the standard macOS color panel. I hope to enable the same color swatch functionality with the new dialog (drag & drop included).


RH-57940 and RH-57941 are fixed in the latest WIP

Thank you Curtis
Very well done this flexible design.
[I was especially impressed how you solved the fixed colours column through the custom option when the picker is adjusted smaller.
The design I feel, will look even cleaner if the eyedropper was just an outline in grey not toxic red. More in line with the design style of the whole Mac Rhino UI.

thanks a lot

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RH-57937 is fixed in the latest WIP

the drag & drop color well in v7 is sweet… thanks!

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