Bye Bye Mac pencils?

Is there a way get back the four Tabs located on top of the Colors Selector floating window ?

Rhino 6

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 18.01.31

Rhino 7

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 18.02.55

Thanks in advance for any answer.
Rodolfo Santos.

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@curtisw - is there a way to get to the mac color picker in Rhino in V7?


@pascal And while we’re at it, can we get the eye dropper to work?

It blows up like old Superpaint fatbits but doesn’t allow you to pick any colors where you need to. Hard to explain, but just play with it. It’s practically impossible to actually use.

I didn’t noticed it, are you talking about this tool ?

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 05.55.05

If yes, it seems to work as expected here.

The only thing is that the LMB needs to stay pressed to activate the magnify tool used to record the screen where wanted when released.

Rodolfo Santos

the original one is Mac’s system color picker while the 7 one is from Eto I think…

What means Eto…


It just means that Rhino now has its own custom color picker. Many Mac and Windows applications create their own custom color pickers as the default ones provided by the operating system are lacking.

What is it about the “pencils” that you like over what Rhino 7 provides? Maybe we can improve our picker


I never said I don’t like.
The question is more related to teaching.
Mac Like Color selector with .ie pencils is a lot more visual and intuitive to use with leaners.
… Need a simple colour, take a pencil, bam! Clean and clear.

The Rhino 7 color selector is more a Windows Like version, less visual more technical.

TMO top tabs should come back (direct visual access ) for mac lovers.