Colorpicker for all color options please

Hi, when choosing layer colors (that is used for printing) and when selecting hatch colors I would really like a color picker.
(eye droper)

Designers need to match colors all the time, so all color wheels (color choosers) in Rhino should have a color picker. It would just make our days easier. And the best place to add it is near the color sample here:


Yes, and a few slots to save custom colors.
I spend a lot of time entering the same RGB values again and again…


And copy-paste of values.
But colorpicker is top priority imo.


Just to follow up with this, although I’m not sure it’s what you meant. In Adobe you can copy paste Hex values to quickly enter RGB values so that you can keep a certain color on your clipboard.


How the copying is done under the hood is not important to me. Some apps use type-in fields for hex, others have rightclick menues. Both do the trick in my opinion :slight_smile:

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Regarding colors we need to be able to make custom colours easily. Drag and drop.
It would be great to be able to create colour schemes and then import/export these.
Import / export to Adobe would be a bonus :slight_smile:

Further bonus: Can we define transparency for colours as well :smile:
With this we could create nicer 2d drawings and layouts.


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I keep wishing for the color picker / eye-dropper like this quite often. It would be super handy and its baffling that Rhino doesn’t have such an obvious tool.

The wish is on the pile but seems like it needs some dusting:

V7.0 ?


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@Jarek @mortenengel @Holo
Check this out on Food4Rhino:
ColorPicker (by Dale Fugier) Versions for V5 AND V6 (NOT V7)


Hi Fred, thanks - I somehow missed this one.

Just installed it and it is “almost” working. The “Office” type color picker has eyedrop.
What makes it “almost” is that the eyedrop works only on the main screen and ignores 2nd one, also I can’t pick a color from another application over Rhino since Rhino window is always in foreground when picking. The only way to eyedrop from non-Rhino window is to resize Rhino main window to be smaller in main screen - something I am not keen on doing since the toolbars still get messed up every now and then. @dale - this is a great addition. Could it: a) be a part of Rhino in general, b) have the eyedropper work without the above limitations?
Otherwise the eyedropper wish for the regular Rhino colorpicker still stands :slight_smile:




Agree about the eyedropper. If we get one in Grasshopper, why can’t we get one in Rhino.

Also the custom color options, but give us more than a few options for custom colors, please. At least 16, maybe 20.

And set the default for those 16 to 20 colors to a set of maximally contrasting colors, like the ones shown here:

I currently use a variant on that list in the 16 custom color slots available in the Colorpicker plugin.
It’s a good-enough workaround, but it really should be native. Make it a component in grasshopper too. Right now the way I pick colors in grasshopper is to open my colorpicker in rhino and use the eyedropper in grasshopper to click on my custom color slots. It works, but it’s silly.

The maximally contrasting color set is very useful for me for CNC programming (makes it as easy as possible to quickly differentiate between different cutting operations). I imagine it’d be useful for all sorts of other applications.

And while we’re talking colors, please give us more options for things we can change the color of in the appearance menu. For example: Command line background. Mouseover colors for the Gumball handles and other things.


Realizing that I gave likes to the wishes from 3 years ago made me a bit sad. I thought that they are new and finally someone asked for at least hex values input.
Anyway, typing 9 rgb (or six, I usually copy just the first set) numbers from memory is a good short term memory training.


Hey everyone,

I’ve added an eye dropper to the standard color picker in the Rhino WIP. Try it out next week and let me know what you think.

@Jarek, I know of the the limitation of the Office’s eye dropper being limited to the current display. This is a pre-canned MFC dialog, so there isn’t anything I can do about it (other than whine to Microsoft). The eye dropper I added to the Rhino WIP does not have this limitation.


– Dale


Hei Morten - probably not qualifying for the “easy” tag, but did you know that you can customize the color list by editing the “colors.txt” file in the following directory:


As for this one:

I take it that this is for filling 2D shapes? In the Rhino 7 WIP, you can use transparency (and gradients) on your hatches.


I really wish hex input too! It is a standard. How about that Dale? Just one more tweak to your plugin… :wink:

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