Transparency does not work in the New giant colour picker

Dear Team Mcneel
The transparency addition to the colour picker was such a welcome addition, unfortunately it only worked on the Mac for a couple of weeks until that new [but with an old Windows look] picker was introduced.
please kindly reconsider that colour picker change. [very much for the worst IMHO ]

thanks a lot

Hi @Akash,

Can you tell me what you like about the Mac standard color picker over the new one?

We certainly can fix the transparency bug so that you can get transparency back.

Where is the transparency option missing? I pick on the layer color and see the transparency control on the far right side of the dialog and the A (Alpha) option.

I see, it is there but does not seem to work properly, I will look into this.

Hi Brian
There were also comments from other users on this: Adding an optional panel for the colour picker
For me the issues are:

  1. it is so big, takes a large part of the MBP screen [many Mac users use MBPs]
  2. it doesn’t stay put [ideal to me will be a panel as requested in the aforementioned thread]. this is important because if one don’t like the colour or the transparency, he doesn’t need to again click on the layer to get that colour pallet back on.
  3. it is an eye sore… yes I know this is irrelevant to many users, but for users like me that design things that their main attribute is to be beautiful [jewellery] the look and feel of the UI is important.
  4. the Mac one, had the custom boxes in the bottom to save our preferred colours.

thanks a lot

Hi @Akash,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added YT issues for each of the points in the other thread. We would like to make this dialog the preferred picker (even for macOS users), including making it beautiful and a pleasure to use.

Please keep the feedback coming!

BTW, Here are the YT links for the other issues so you can follow the progress:

Color Swatches: RH-57941
Make dialog smaller and stay put: RH-57940
Hex color entry: RH-57937

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thanks a lot
very much appreciated the listening and care.

Akash has been fixed and will be available in next weeks release.

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