Color picker wishes

It would be nice if the default color picker was a litter easier to get colors into and out of. For instance, in the material editor, I have an option to use an eyedropper and to copy or paste a color. It would be great if the standard color picker supported this as well.



I was thinking something similar the other night when making a lot of color changes. I’ve since been meaning to ask @DavidRutten if the GH color picker might be something that could transition into the main Rhino color picker. It doesn’t have the copy/paste ability you’re mentioning here but maybe that could be added. Have you ever used the GH one?

I think the Rhino SDK actually allows plugins to provide a new colour picker, but I could be mistaken about that.
The new pickers in Grasshopper2 are all made with Eto so they’ll play nice with both Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac.

The new UI isn’t anywhere near done (I written any slider controls yet) but my initial experiments with Eto as a UI platform are pretty encouraging:

Yes they do. We could also define a new ‘default’ in the Rhino.UI assembly.

It would also be nice to have an option to add a color by its hex value.

People still use hex values in the year 2015? I’d like to be able to specify a colour through language. “Please make this object yellowish brown”…

:frowning: I might be the only one using it then. What I use it for is to copy and paste the color value from different programmes. I normally create the colour in Illustrator get the Hex value and copy it into different applications.

Having that said, I just realised the Mac version does allow me to enter the Hex Value. I have made some screen shots of the current Mac version.

I really have no complaints about the Mac Version. I can choose between a diverse range of methods and it also includes ‘colour through language’ as @DavidRutten calls it.

It is just my two cents.

You do know that the colour picker in OSX is in OSX, not Rhino. It is the same for any program that doesn’t use their own colour palettes, like Adobe. You can actually run the colour picker as an app and it will look like your screen shots.

Different from the Win Rhino colour picker.

Quoted from the following link, "Most modern OS X applications support the color picker, but for those applications who are in the dark, you can use a little AppleScript trick to run the Color Picker as its own application.

Open up the AppleScript Editor (inside the Applications ? Utilities folder) and type in the following code:

choose color

Then save this as an application. Now when you run it, your traditional OS X color picker will appear. Drag and drop colors around to your heart’s content!"

Taking Charge of the Color Picker


Yeah I know, but it is a good example (from my point of view) for the things that I would like to see in a colour picker.

Good points for sure, I always hated the Win Rhino colour picker, and the fact that you have to quit out of it to update change, not like OS X where you can see your changes as you make them.

Can this be done in Windows?

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It allows transfer of a specific color using only a single value, way easier than trying to remember or copy over 3 values of the other color systems (if match or eyedropper isn’t an option).