Add identity data key/value to a Revit family instance


is it possible to add an additional identity data key/value pair to a family instance with Rhino.Inside for Revit:



Samid, That would be the Define Shared Parameter Component, which adds a text parameter to the Data Group.

Once a parameter is created in revit you use the Set Parameter Component to update.


Hi Rickson,

thank you for your answer. As I understood you… you created first a global parameter and after that you set the value of the global parameter for each instance. Is it also possible to create the same stuff but instead of a global parameter I would create an instance parameter? I mean the first instance would have the parameters {Unit: 1001, Volume: 1234} and the second instance {Unit: 1002, Area:5678}, like the image below:

But I don’t know is it possible in Revit or no.



The parameter is per instance and doesn’t necessarily need to be a Shared Parameter via the component, you can create as many Project Parameters as you like and fill them in via RiR. The shared parameters can be used in Tags is its main advantage.

be aware that once you specify a certain type of parameter, volume for example, it expects a certain type of input, in this case a double (floating point number)


here we are getting the actual volume of the brep in the family and setting it to the parameter

OK, but then it means that every instance has the same set of paraters, which could be empty, because they are project parameters. So ist works not the same way like the attributes in Rhino, where every object can have different attributes?

Yes and No. In rhino UserData must have a Key/Value pair, in Revit a parameter Key can be empty. A type parameter is the same in every Revit Object instance, an instance parameter is exactly what it says and can be different on each object.

Type Parameter has one value on all instances (per family type, for example)
Instance Parameter can vary per instance. (on the same family type)

Perfect, very good explanation. Thank you, you helped me a lot.



Hello Rickson, is there a way to input the families via RIR without baking them into revit? As far as i know it only works when the Family instance is generated in Revit. I want to add parameters even before I bake them into revit.

You want to change the Type Parameters of existing families that haven’t been placed yet?

Yes, rickson. I just think it would be better and more convenient if there was an option to place or change parameters while making the family form. I already tried this method you showed and I had to bake the family first just so i can change the prameter.